Error while substituting templates - FDK 9

Hi Team, I need your help with this issue.
I migrate my app for the fdk 9, and I receive status 400 , response error while substituting templates.

Follow the images about that:

My resquest.json

My localstore

My iparams at index.js

If I change my localstore and run again with domain and apiKey out of the credentials, the app works fine


Can you help me to understand what is happening here?

thanks in advance

Hi @Fabricio_Fernandes ,
It look like in one of your request template “configTicketFields” you are trying to substitute the host data with context which is only supported during custom installation page.

You can check out the document mentioned here about template subsitution.


Hey @Nadeem_Bhati ,

So, my request template “configTicketFields” is working, this error is about the “getTicketFields” template, where I use the “iparam.credentials.domain” and “iparam.credentials.apiKey” , in this template the error is mentioned above.

as said earlier, if I use the “iparam.domain” and “iparam.apiKey” out of for my credentials in my localstore file, the app work fine

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