Error while substituting templates in OAuth procedures

We are getting the “Error while substituting the templates” error message while using the access token in the request URL. We are getting the same issue for the below 3 marketplace apps. Lot of customers reporting the issue and they are not able to continue the daily activities in the helpdesk portal as they are using these apps. Please do the needful.

Freshdesk: Dynamics CRM Freshworks Marketplace
Freshcaller: Dynamics CRM Freshworks Marketplace
Freshdesk Workflowmax Freshworks Marketplace

A similar issue was reported in the developer community.

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Hi, @kishore,

We see a couple of reports on similar issues recently as well.

We have taken up with the engineering team, and a fix is being worked upon.


Hi @Saif,
Sorry to bother you again, as we are getting more emails from customers and constantly asking for updates. Could you please provide us an update on this?

Especially we are getting more complaints from the Workflowmax customers, as the app is used for logging the time entries daily.

Hi @kishore,

I understand. I would also recommend you to have a ticket created with for additional in-time support as it involves customers being effected.

But an update I have is fix is made, and our engineering team is in process of testing and making it live.

Hi @kishore,

Our Engineering team has indicated that the fix is live for this issue. Please let us know if you see this occurring again.

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@Saif Thanks for the update and yes it fixed the issue.

Hi @Saif,
One of the customer-facing issues in the Loqate marketplace app, where we are sending the secure parameter in the URL as per the Loqate documentation. The Loqate API is not accepting the key to be sent as part of the header.

Could you please allow this app to use the Key in the URL?
Loqate App URL: