Estimated time in consuming export account Freshdesk API

Hi Team,

We like to use Export Account Freshdesk API, here we require clarity on the maximum time taken to generate the downloadable resource link.

Example: If we set start/end of the previous day & if 1 lakhs tickets are created/updated. How long it will take to generate the link for a 1 lakhs ticket.
Also, confirm that it includes both tickets created/updated between start/end?

Similarly, how long take for Freshchat Chat-Transcript Report API

Hey guys, did anyone get a chance to look at this issue?

Is there any update regarding this topic?

Is there any update regarding this topic?


Apologies that you haven’t got the help you need in a reasonable time frame. I put you in touch with the Freshdesk Support team given this needs to be answered by experts of Freshdesk API support.

Also, for the Freshchat Transcript Report API, would you please create another topic?

In case you receive an response from the Freshdesk team, please do help the community by sharing with us what you learnt!

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Freshdesk Support:

Regarding the account export using API, you would be able to export all the tickets between the given time range that you specify. As for the time of generating the link for 1 lakh tickets, it would completely depend on the number of records, and we would not be able to provide a specific run time for such a scenario.