Events Method to observe custom field changes

Hi Team,

When a value is selected in a custom field, based on the value selected in the custom field we need to update another custom field in the new ticket creation page.

We refered this ( but it works only for standard field.

Can we do it for custom field also? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Sateshsoundar N


Hi Satesh,

There are no events methods available to capture the change event for custom fields on the New Ticket page. I will take it as feedback and pass it to the product team to consider in the roadmap.

Could you add more context about the use case so our community can suggest if there are any alternatives?

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Hi @Raviraj

The exact use-case is

There are two custom fields “Product” and “Brand”. In the new ticket creation page when an agent select a value in product field an equivalent value should be populated via interface method

Hope this helps

Thanks in advance,
Sateshsoundar N

@Sateshsoundar_Namasi Looks like this use-case is not possible without the frontend events for custom field changes.

You would have to wait until the product team implements this event and releases events for custom fields changes as well. We cannot commit any timelines on when it would be available.

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Hi @Raviraj ,

Thanks for the update.

Can we populate a value for the custom field based on the value selected in the default field?

Hi @Sateshsoundar_Namasi ,

Alternative way for this use case is, you better to plan a custom app in the new ticket page and keep the dropdown called Product and Brand in the custom app and Create the Custom field and populate the selected values by using interface method

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