Events of webform in freshworks CRM

Hi team,

We need to know what are the events are there for webform to customize before submit.

Reference:(This is for freshsales webform)

How to customize Web forms to trigger custom events? : Freshsales

followed by the reference link and it has implemented in third party website for freshworks CRM, it did not work.

Thank you.

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Hi @Karuppu_Samy,

Could you share where is these Web Forms have been integrated and the errors faced or the actual behavior?

Yeah, we need to integrate webform on wordpress with help of freshworks provided code snippet, it’s working fine.

And they need to add custom track event also.

How can i get submit event of form in wordpress, it is helpful to implement the custom track event.

Thank you.

@Karuppu_Samy Were you able to paste the custom events code from the solution article shared before?
Could you share what is the behavior after pasting the code?

If there are errors, please share them. If none, could you share how the code has been used?

Followed by the reference link is working fine.


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