Exclude conversation body from conversations endpoint

Hi team!

I would like to suggest a exclude parameter for the “body” attribute on the conversations endpoint from Freshdesk.

I was asked to build and app to deal with the ticket attachments. For my surprise, customer has tickets with 400 conversations, where each response includes the previous one, like the email. The payload returned for the thrid page alone is 45MB:

Page 4 in default postman configurations, can’t even get the response:

Using SMI with 20s timeout, asking only for 20 pages, gives me still timeout in some point.
Since in this case I don’t need the body, it would be nice to have an exclude parameter, something like:

> https://domain.freshdesk.com/api/v2/tickets/123/conversations?exclude=body&per_page=100&page=4

This also loads the unneeded data into memory which we will any way not use to process.

I agree.

I have recorded this item. Thanks for raising this.

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