Executing an action as an agent


I’m developing an app that intercepts the conversation resolve event and after sending same messages, resolves the conversation via API.
The problem is that this interfers with the agents evaluation metrics, beacause when an API call closes a conversation the action is executed as the owner of the API key used and in the metrics apears as if the agent had not closed the conversation.

Is there a way to execute the conversation update by changing the status to resolved as if the agent were performing this action?

The app can know the agent details by using Data Method’s loggedInUser's value. But since the metrics (I suppose you are referring to those shown on the home dashboard) in Freshdesk Messaging (previously Freshchat) accounts for the owner of API call, they would certainly mess with the data.

This could have been possible if Freshdesk Messaging’s APIs have required an OAuth handshake with the Agent before using the app. The Freshdesk Messaging knows the Agent and will account for the metrics towards the agent or view app as a seperate entity doing the automated work.

I was looking at this support article: https://support.freshchat.com/en/support/solutions/articles/50000000011-api-tokens

It seems like one can generate an API Token. Do you think one can generate an API token in a bot’s name or an App’s name? This way Admin’s API key won’t interfere with the metrics and Agent’s API key will not account for metrics.