Extend marketplace application to support another product

Good day

We have built an application for freshsales platform previously.
Is it possible that we can extend the application to support freshworks CRM as well, if so how would I do it?

The option is disabled currently in the development portal.


Hello Muhammed,

Yes, you can totally update your Freshsales app to support both products (Sales and CRM).

We have recently updated our few apps and this option seems to be disabled for already published app. Please write to marketplace support team with your app id and they would be able to help you out in this regard. That’s what helped us out.

Multiple products option is only enabled for new apps currently.


@Mohammed_Abu-Saman As @yusrakhatri mentioned, please write to our support at marketplace@freshworks.com along with your Account Domain and app ID to make an existing Freshsales application available for Freshworks CRM.

Thank you, @yusrakhatri for the quick help.


@yusrakhatri @Raviraj
Thanks for the feedback