External Chatbot integration with What's APP on Freshchat

we are currently using Freshchat for customer service support via What’s APP channel.

Also, we have developed our internal app - Chatbot for What’s APP. We have issue that we can’t connect what’s app number (account) to Meta Business account where we would give access to our internal Chatbot solution and only handover to agents would be within Freshchat, but it is not possible as we can’t use same number for Freshchat and for Meta bussines account (Chatbot). We got error that number is already in use.

Does anyone have any experience on how to connect our Chatbot on What’s APP with handover to Freshchat (agents)?

Thanks in advance,
Matej Došen

Hey @mdosen,
I’ve shared this query with Freshchat team to help you address this better.