External event's URL asking for authentication

Hello everyone.

I’ve built an app that uses “generateTargetUrl()” to receive data from another product.
But the product is asking for an authentication for that URL. Something like this:


There is no mention on FDK documentation that is necessary an authentication for this.

Did you guys face this problem? If so, how did you solve this issue?

Thank you.

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Hello Marcelo,

Hope you are safe and doing good.

Based on your query we understand that you are generating a hook URL and registering it with a product. And upon registration the product asks for authentication information (username & password).

To clarify,

  • The hook URL doesn’t require any additional authentication information since the URL contains the key as a path parameter to authenticate.
  • Only HTTP POST method is allowed to the generated URL.
  • Sending a request to the URL without the key in the path param will yield 401 because of which the product / third party service might ask for username & password

So, we would like to understand what type of request was made from the product or if there are any prerequisites from the product to register a webhook.


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hello I’m also having this problem, which is very strange because via postman I can make a post to the url and it works normal, when I put the same url as a callback in the rescue it asks for this authentication does anyone know what it might be?