Extract Ticket Fields data and Ticket conversation data based on a filter range into a Datawarehouse -APIs or XML extract

One of our customers wants to extract ticket fields data and conversation from Freshdesk into their DWH

what is the best option? using APIs or is there a way to extract this data from Freshdesk like this one - How do I export my helpdesk data? : Freshdesk

Can they use this Filter Tickets API based on a date range to get the ticket details?


Hi @Anoop_Chutkay,

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The decision would be depending on what kind of data type would be supported on their Data Warehouse.

Data export in XML will provide all the ticket data at once.
APIs on the other hand has some limitation in terms of how much tickets can be fetched at a time and in total. Also, it has a minute-level rate-limit based on the account subscription plan.

If the API way is chosen, List Tickets API is better than Filter Tickets API as it will provide up to 300 pages compared to 10 pages in Filter Tickets API.


thanks Raviraj for your response

How about the scheduled exports options to get all the ticket fields and ticekt activities - Can I get all ticket data including all the activity, status, time, etc? : Freshdesk

@Anoop_Chutkay Not sure if this way would include all the ticket data or just the activities info.

There could be other ways as well. It’s better to check with Freshdesk support (support@freshdesk.com) to discuss if there are any scalable alternative ways to export the ticket and conversation data apart from the options that we have discussed.