Facing issue in the Data Storage API update feature

Facing issue in the Data API update feature,

I try to use the update feature in the data API, in order to update the status DB, I used “set” property for the update. it works fine locally but in the custom app, I am facing issues.

Then I try to use the same example in both custom app as well locally, It works fine in the local Data API, but in the Custom app it throws the error. Here I attached the screenshot. Please help me to solve this problem.

Screenshot from Local:

ScreenShot from App:

Hi @KTP,

There’s a bug noticed on our data storage update feature. When any non-alphanumeric characters are used in the attributes. We are still figuring out on the solution.

I will let you know on this thread upon any updates.

If you have urgency to move ahead with the app development and publishing, there’s a workaround to use camelCase keys and thus the attributes will get limited in alphanumeric characters and succeed in DB operation.


Thanks, RaviRaj, Workaround helps :slight_smile:

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