FDK 8.3.1 Request Method


We are currently developing a Freshdesk app on fdk 8.3.1 that uses the request method to pass a secure iparam in the request URL.

This works when testing locally, but not when uploading our validated package as a custom app.

We understand that passing secure values in the URL is not supported in 8.3.2, but shouldn’t it still work if fdk 8.3.1 is specified in the manifest.json? If not, is there any workaround?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Henry_Kremer

I doubt you can use secure params in url on client side app however as a work around you can use server method invocation to call your api from serverless method and there you should be able to use the secure param in URL also.

Hi @Sachin_Kumar,

We can use secure params in the URL in the app when testing locally. We understand it should be supported in fdk 8.3.1. Are you able to confirm why this is not supported when uploading the package as a custom app?

Hi @Sachin_Kumar ,

I wanted to follow up on the above. fdk 8.3.1 should allow secure iparams in the URL, but we are struggling to create a custom app, despite working locally.

Hi @Henry_Kremer

As per the documentation secure iparams can only be used in request method as part of HTTPS headers.

However if your API endpoint needs it in URL then as suggested, please use SMI and call your API in server method where you can use the secure iparam in URL.


Hi @Sachin_Kumar, just to confirm that has always been the case correct? This isn’t something specific to the fdk update? Thanks!

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Hi @Zach

As per my knowledge this is always the case and not something which changed with fdk updates.

The release notes make it seem as if this is a recent change. But maybe I’m misinterpreting.

In any case, this method works when testing locally.

Hello @Henry_Kremer

I do agree this behavior will come across as confusing.

As @Sachin_Kumar and @Zach pointed out, this behavior has been in place in production for a long time. What we had however missed is enforcing this in the FDK for local testing. The FDK 8.3.2 release covered that gap which was already enforced in production. Apologies for the distraction and confusion this may have caused.


Understood. Thank you all for the clarification.

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