FDK 9.0.8 validation issue

I upgraded to Version 9.0.8 of the FDK. I packed and installed an app to my test tenant and now I am getting a validation fail when I try to install the app even though the URL and API key are valid. Is this a bug or is there another way to go about validation in FDK 9.0.8?

Here is a screen shot of the error:

Here is my iparams.json:

    "domain": {
        "display_name": "FreshService Domain",
        "description": "Please enter your FreshService Domain without .freshservice.com",
        "type": "domain",
        "type_attributes": {
            "product": "freshservice"
        "required": true
      "api_key": {
        "display_name": "API Key",
        "description": "Please enter your API Key",
        "type": "api_key",
        "required": true,
        "type_attributes": {
          "product": "freshservice"
        "secure": true

When running locally on local host 1001, the creds are saved successfully. Any idea on why this would be?

I can also confirm that an app packed on v9.0.7 can validate and use the same creds that were being used above.

It seems as though if any iparams is not referenced anywhere in the code, then validation on installation will fail. Is this a valid assessment? if so, can we please get this documented in the documentation?

Hey @Kiska_Sanchez

Firstly, thanks for bringing this to our notice.

When you say you upgraded FDK to 9.0.8, is this working as expected with localhost, and when you pack the app and install it on your Freshservice account, this error pops up as invalid?

Can you confirm if there is an HTTP request in your DevTool’s network logs?

Hello @zach_jones_noel,

Of course. It was working as expected in local host and saving creds properly. When I installed in my tenant it was throwing the error that it could not validate my creds stating that they did not match.

Locally it looks like there was an API call to validate my creds here is the FDK.log with my API key redacted:

2024-01-17 09:59:40.320 -0600 [debug] (e[34mdata.jse[0m) e[31mRead {"schedu_101_101_freshservice":{"schedu_101_101_custom_iparams":{"__meta":{"secure":["api_key"]},"domain":"kmsan913helpdesk","api_key":"****","$domain":{"url":"kmsan913helpdesk.freshservice.com","name":"freshservice"}}}}e[0m

It seems as though locally it is making an API call to validate my creds but on install it is not behaving the same way. The way I was able to circumvent this was by including a request template in request.json. I did not have one before. I can provide all my logs privately if needed.

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