Fdk 9 download (TLS issue)

I have installed the latest nvm, node but whenever I am trying to install Windows build tool getting an error also note I am behind the firewall.

I downloaded build tools resources from downloading node externally which got me the latest python and stuff as it was recommended way in GitHub of windows built tool but then tried to download the latest fdk using the command.

npm install https://cdn.freshdev.io/fdk/latest.tgz -g

Getting Error:

Need to fix it asap in order to migrate the code base to platform 2.3.

I think I’m having similar issues when installing it through YARN:

error https://cdn.freshdev.io/fdk/latest.tgz: Integrity check failed for "fdk" (computed integrity doesn't match our records, got "sha512-Q7cKHAbS1CmCzY7JCD2zfHMx2dg6CKKyeHPaisEsPfVl5mHHrM0+hZRTMnhsJ3nNbTUUyOxpo1+9lDsD1QNeeQ== sha1-XoMGR11ATnLMamdiYf2gG8+oYrk=") info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/install for documentation about this command

Good day…

I am Rohit’s colleague.

I am also having the SSL legacy message when I attempt to install the latest.gz

We are on a corporate network.

We have attempted to point the npm system to our internal certificate with out success, assuming its a cert issue.

The message also implies that it maybe something with a piece of code/logic with-in the package.

Any chance the package can be updated to address this issue?

Good day…
I know Rohit met with a developer of yours last week.

I have been trying to upgrade my fdk 8 dev environment to v9; however, continue to encounter this ssl issue.

I was in powershell and ran some version tls confirmation scripts, and it seems I am running in tls 1.3.

Wondering if the server or the code that is executed is running under the need to be version 1.2 and it doesn’t like that we are v1.3?

@Thakur_Ganeshsingh This looks related to the TLS issue you mentioned earlier. Did you find a workaround? If yes, can you share that here?

Hi All,

Yes, @kaustavdm , I explained the issue in detail to Rohit and we discussed possible solutions. The Windows OpenSSL and Powershell upgrade to the latest LTS version will resolve this issue.


For this one, I recommend a clean install using the steps below

yarn cache clean
yarn --update-checksums
yarn install


Hey @Thakur_Ganeshsingh @kaustavdm Hope your doing great! I have fulfilled all the requirements provided by you, here is the list of all the versions of all the packages we have talked about but still the issue still persists.

Please have a look and let me know if you need any more things to diagnose the issue.

Hi @thimayarohit ,

Appreciate it, I am assuming your behind the corporate firewall while doing the install. Could please try updating the npm config and reinstalling the FDK using this command

npm config set strict-ssl false
# followed by npm install https://...


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