FDK issue with ES6 code


I updated my fdk to 8.6.2 today and after updating I am getting error whenever trying to run fdk run or fdk validate.

[ERROR] Exception occured while validation: The keyword 'const' is reserved

To me it looks like, it is giving error when it encounter ES6 code. I replaced all const and let with var then it threw error about arrow functions.

Code was compiling fine till yesterday, before the update.

I just upgraded to 8.6.2 today.

I didn’t see this problem. Do you mind sharing the zip of the sample app? I will run fdk validate on it to see what’s wrong?

Hi @Saif ,

I have messaged you the zip


Is there any update on this?

Our team is on top of this, @Vvikas .

I am able to reproduce the issue.

Thanks @Saif ,

It is a blocker for me. I don’t want to convert my codebase to ES5 and ditch ES6. Not a pretty view.

The fix has been released.

Please upgrade to version 8.6.3 using:

npm install https://dl.freshdev.io/cli/fdk.tgz -g

I tried to run fdk validate on the test app you shared. The validation has been successful. Hopefully, this should solve the problem.

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It is working now, thank you.

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