Fdk pack is not updating the zip file

Hi Team,

I’m building a React Freshdesk app. I was able to pack the app and upload it as a custom app. However, now I’m unable to pack the updated version of my app. When I try to pack the app using fdk pack, the updated code is not being packed. Instead, the old version of my code is packed, so I cannot view the updated version of my app on the Freshdesk instance.

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My updated code was not rendered on my Freshdesk instance.

Hi @williamson

Once you uploaded the packed zip file in the developer portal, did you update the app in Manage app => Custom app tab ?

yes @Bharath_Raghuraja

I have updated the app from manage app => custom app tap and tried packing and updating multiple times, but it’s not working. I also deleted the app from the developer portal and uploaded it as a new custom app. This is also not working

Hi @zach_jones_noel

Inputs please…

Hey @williamson,
Do you see a difference between fdk run and fdk pack?

Are you successfully able to run the react Freshdesk app locally which displays the text change?

Thanks @zach_jones_noel
I’m facing a similar issue to the one described in this community post, so I requested support from Zoho. However, the issue has not been resolved yet, and I still can’t run my app locally


Got it. Did you try without the OAuth for your react app locally? It should be possible to render the changes based on react code changes.

No @zach_jones_noel

Let me try, and I’ll get back to you

Sure, William. :+1:

Let me know if any challenges.

Hey @zach_jones_noel

I am able to render the updated code using fdk run.

local testing

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If the OAuth from Zoho is resolved then you should be able to test the app end-to-end locally.

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