"fdk run" to return 'undefined' after what seems like a timeout with googleapis

I’m stuck on an issue with ‘fdk run’. Its been a while since I compiled (fdk run) the app and now when I try to make changes and compile (fdk run) it, I get a long delay when I run ‘fdk run’ and then only ‘undefined’ is returned to the console. The fdk.log shows more but not giving any clues.

When I run ‘fdl validate’ and everything reported as ok.

Below is fdk log.

2022-02-20 21:07:30.578 -0800 [info] Starting local testing server at http://*:10001/    
Append 'dev=true' to your Freshworks_crm account URL to start testing    
e.g. https://domain.myfreshworks.com/crm/sales/contacts/2007663673?dev=true    
Quit the server with Control-C.
2022-02-20 21:07:30.578 -0800 [info] 
To simulate product, app setup, and external events, visit - http://localhost:10001/web/test
2022-02-20 21:07:30.578 -0800 [info] Populating test data with events found in the app
2022-02-20 21:07:30.579 -0800 [info] To test the installation page, visit - http://localhost:10001/custom_configs
2022-02-20 21:07:59.973 -0800 [debug] (e[34mdata-util.jse[0m) e[31mRead {"auditl_101_101_freshworks_crm":{"auditl_101_101_custom_iparams":{"log_level":"Verbose","log_payload":true}}}e[0m
2022-02-20 21:07:59.973 -0800 [debug] (e[34mbeevents.jse[0m) e[31mUsing {"log_level":"Verbose","log_payload":true} as iparams for testing.e[0m
2022-02-20 21:07:59.973 -0800 [debug] (e[34mbeevents.jse[0m) e[31mCalling event handler with <JSON DATA HERE>e[0m
2022-02-20 21:07:59.974 -0800 [debug] (e[34mcoverage-util.jse[0m) e[31mInstrumenting /Users/stevemc/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive-Personal/SAFR/CRM/dev/apps/auditlog/server/server.jse[0m
2022-02-20 21:08:25.312 -0800 [error] undefined
2022-02-20 21:08:25.316 -0800 [debug] (e[34mcoverage-util.jse[0m) e[31mWriting coverage.e[0m
2022-02-20 21:13:24.700 -0800 [info] 
NOTE: We recommend a coverage of 80% for apps that are to be published in the public marketplace.

When I run ‘fdk run’ following output suggests that the dependency in manifest.json was updated:

manifest.json has this dependency:

“dependencies”: {
“googleapis”: “39.2.0”

Installing dependencies…> .

+ googleapis@39.2.0
updated 1 package and audited 76 packages in 2.351s

If I am not wrong, every time you invoke the webhook, you simply see undefined on the console?

I can see googleapis is 102MB size package on npm. But there could be more to the problem. Would it be possible to share the the app with which I can maybe reproduce the error?

The issue turned out to be due to OneDrive. A new version of OneDrive resulted in longer than normal delay in retrieving file when using Files on Demand feature. This was preventing the SDK from correctly working.

I solve the problem by choosing “Always store on device” for any of the Freshworks apps I’m working on.

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