Fdk testing - serverless app - freshdesk - domain & API key

Hi all,

OK - newbie to all of this - I’m developing a serverless app for Freshdesk (support desk) to interact with ticket creation.

I’ve got it up and running in the local test environment; but I can’t actually test it as I can’t do the config bit - I need to configure domain and API key - but putting (my) valid values in there doesn’t work.

(hopefully a screen shot here of the test failing:)

Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 12.04.18|519x500

What values should go in there for testing? And/or how do I modify the test JSON for the event to “manually” set the iparams? (thus bypassing this config test portion…)

Dr. Michael Dye.!

Good day!
try whitelist the Freshdesk URL in the manifest, if still an issue persists, can you please share with us what is the FDK version which you are using?
and are you using any callback events (dynamic Iparams) feature?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:



Thanks for the quick response!

FDK version 6.12.0

You’re a genius :slight_smile: - added our URL to the manifest and bingo; can now save the config and run the test.