FDK: The long-awaited Frontend frameworks support is here!

Dear community,

Hope you are safe and well.

FDK versions 6.10.0 and above include the framework necessary to build Vue and React apps.

We have compiled a list of resources to help you build your first React or Vue app.


Sample Apps:-

As the front-end frameworks integration with the FDK is still in its early stages, we are constantly creating new resources and updating the existing ones to help you. Keep watching this space for new updates.

Feel free to post any further queries, you might have, in this thread.

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This is AMAZING!


Hey that’s great news !

I would love to see official support for Svelte. I have made it work so it’s definitely possible as svelte is just but a compiler, but the fdk is complaining about a lot of things, especially about linting issues (since it’s minified code, it’s normal).
I had to modify the fdk to be able to upload my app.


hey @Khiman_Louer,

Like mentioned earlier, the feature is still in the early phases, We’re hoping to add more few more frameworks in the near future, we will keep you posted about the progress

Stay Safe :slight_smile:


Hey @velmurugan,

Could you check this link provided in this tutorial? It returns a 404 error.



Hey @arshath.h

The link provided above is https://developers.freshworks.com/tutorials/codelabs/custom-webpack-config which works when clicked on, I am not sure why your link is different, anyway you can use the link given above to go the tutorial.

Edit:- I just figured, you are referring to the link provided in the tutorial, it does return 404, we will correct it, Thanks for bringing this to our notice @arshath.h . the valid link is https://developers.freshworks.com/tutorials/codelabs/custom-webpack-config kindly use this.

Hope this helps!

Stay Safe :slight_smile: