FDK v6.2.1 - Handling webhook subscriptions, Incoming webhook payloads and other updates



Enhancements to platform webhook subscriptions and support for diverse content-types in the external event handler


External events
  1. Webhook subscription verifications will be handled on the Freshworks Developer platform side. This is to ensure successful subscriptions at third-party webhook hubs that perform validation on URLs before subscription.
  2. External event handlers will be able to receive non-JSON payloads as well along with headers from the webhook hubs


1. Handling Webhook Subscriptions

Certain Webhook hubs require a CRC (Challenge-Response-Check) to validate the webhook URL during subscription. The challenge-response checks enable hubs to confirm the ownership of the web app receiving webhook events. This can be noticed in the case of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, Surveymonkey and other similar developer platform’s webhook subscription models.

Since every provider has their own practice for CRC, for now, FDK will start supporting individual providers based on certain identification. This identification will be a query parameter crc_strategy for the target webhook hub where it attempts to register itself.

For example, in the case of Facebook/Instagram webhooks, the following URL pattern is to be followed while attempting to register:

In case of local testing via the tunnel (can be done via fdk run -t)

2. Incoming Webhook Payloads

Apps will also be able to receive non-JSON payloads (converted to text) along with the headers sent from the Webhook hubs. Parsing logic for the incoming webhook payload is delegated to the external event handler. We believe that these enhancements will make External Events platform feature versatile!

Kindly update the FDK to the latest version using the fdk version command