FDK v6.3.1 - Serverless test framework beta launch, Autofix validation errors, Auto-refreshing OAuth access tokens and other fixes


Note: This announcement contains updates of releases from FDK versions from 6.2.5 to 6.3.1


  1. Launched the serverless test framework on beta.
  2. Added --fix flag for fdk validate command to automatically fix some non-breaking lint errors and warnings.
  3. In OAuth, the refresh token will be reused when a new refresh token is not sent by the authentication provider.


Added serverless test framework (Beta)
  • The new test framework provides a skeleton for the test suite and the complete serverless component of the app can be tested with it.
  • It provides a definition of how a test should be written, lifecycle, and other configurations pertaining to that.
  • Mocha is defined by the platform. So every suite & test that the developer writes should adhere to Mocha’s specification.
  • fdk test is the command to run the tests if it exists.
Autofix validation errors and warnings

The flag, --fix can be used along with fdk validate command to fix some of the non-breaking linting errors and warnings. More lint rules will be added to it incrementally in the future.

OAuth refresh token reusage

When a new refresh token is not sent by the authentication provider, the previous refresh token will be retained for further use.

Serverless event payloads

Some payload changes made for Freshteam and Freshcaller products. The documentation of the respective products will reflect the updated payloads for all the serverless events.

Kindly update the FDK to the latest version using the fdk version command