FDK v6.7.0 - No requirement for minimum popularity for a dependency, Freshteam has new product events, and other fixes


Note: This announcement contains updates of releases from FDK versions from 6.5.4 to 6.7.0


  1. The minimum requirement for a dependency to have 50 downloads in last month is now removed.
  2. Newer product, Freshteam :freshteam: is now has new product events


The minimum number of downloads for a dependency is no longer a requirement

  • We have seen developers having trouble using NPM packages since CLI will prompt a blocker.
  • This is caused due to requirement for a package to be used that has at least 50 downloads last month.
  • This requirement has been removed.

Freshteam now supports more product events

onJobPostingUpdate, onTimeOffCreate, onTimeOffUpdate are new product events with which developers can now register callbacks and handle business logic when ever these events occur.

Other updates

Other fixes are minor related to DB and SMI call features and also more refinement of End to End testing capabilities.

:shushing_face: 6.5.4 to 6.7.0 cannot be just that. More of those updates will be announced soon. Stay Engaged!