FDK v6.8.0 - Boilerplate code refreshed and other meta updates


Note: This announcement contains updates of releases from FDK versions from 6.7.0 to 6.8.0


  • Boilerplate code has been revisited for :freshworks_crm: Freshworks CRM and other app types and products.


Boilerplate code revisit

By running fdk create command, boilerplate code is generated to get started with an app development. This boilerplate code has been revisited for Omniapp, Freshworks CRM, Freshchat apps so that they have a latest code pattern.

Other updates

  • Made some meta changes in the configurations. It does not affect the app development or the local testing with FDK.

:shushing_face: A minor release cannot be just that. There are some incomplete feature changes released. More of those updates will be announced when they are available publicly. Stay Engaged!