FDK v6.9.7 - Boilerpate app template enhancements, Support for Custom Objects and other updates


Note: This announcement contains updates of releases from FDK versions from 6.8.0 to 6.9.7


  1. Enhanced FDK app boilerplate templates for all Freshworks products
  2. Custom Objects introduced (Entity, Record, Standardized error reporting)
  3. Placeholder updates


App Boilerplace enhancements
  • The following products have their boilerplate apps enhanced : :freshchat:, :freshdesk:, :freshservice:, :freshworks_crm:
  • You can benefit from these enhancements via fdk create command
Custom Objects Support (EAP stage)
  • FDK would support custom objects for :freshdesk: freshdesk.
  • Please note that this will be initially available for the EAP participants with reasonable limitations.
New Placeholder
  • :freshservice: Freshservice supports ticket_conversation_editor placeholder
Fix for sqlite3 error

Kindly update the FDK to the latest version using the fdk version command