Feature Requests in Dynamic Installation Parameter Page

  1. I using a multi-select field in iparams and the user can select values but I need id attribute value as in HTML. In HTML, multi-select and select/option has more benefits like showing some text in UI and have some kind of id value in the value attribute. The same kind of things will be more helpful for developers. I tried this kind of thing with dynamic iparams and came to know this feature is currently not available. This will be more helpful for us.

  2. I am seeing the events in iparams. There is only one event is available now that is the “change” event. By making altering some other field we can expect the effect in a particular field. I need the “click” event as of now i.e. by clicking a field I want to show some values on it. Currently, I tried to show the dynamic contents in the dropdown field by clicking on it. But I couldn’t accomplish this feature and as of now, I tried it with the “change” event in another field. I am expecting some other events also like click, submit, load. Even the “load” event will be more helpful for developers.

Hi Dineshkumar,

We understand your need and we will take this as a feature request. I will inform the team of this. Thank you for your valuable input.