Fields name are changed in the product events but not in API (ticket_fields)

Hi team,

Good day!

Recently we have noticed that the ticket’s custom fields name has been changed in the ticket payload.

For instance, if the fields name is “sla_level” the ticket fields API returns “cf_sla_level” but when we console the ticket field we got undefined in the on ticket create product event so to debug this we console the ticket fields in the product event and regrettably the field’s name is appended with some random number like “cf_sla_level_562787” and this happens in all the instance that I have checked (and the random number changes too).

Could you please help us out here?

Thank you.

Hi @Bene_Immanuel

The number added to the name of the custom field in the onTicketCreate event is the instance account ID, so you can still match the two if you call the Accounts endpoint, get it from there, and add it to the value given in the ticket payload.

This workaround is extra work and uses up another API call so is a bit inconvenient. The Core API endpoint payloads do need an update to match the App API. Its on my wish list for a future Developer Advisory Board Meeting :slight_smile:

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