figmaCrayonsLibrary ? console.log('Easy to design and display APP ideas to clients'):"This could be better");


It would be awesome if a figma file could be added to the documentations for Crayons UI library.

E.g. a file that contains different placeholders such as contact_sidebar, full_page_app and where a user can copy paste button, paragraphs, headers, data table etz.

This would make it easy for us to show clients how we are going to present the data to them, and the laborate with them to find the best solution in an early project phase.

Or…maybe even a better solution, let a UX/UI designer at the client company create their own design with the UI provided from Crayons?

Thanks for the suggestion Albin. We are working on something like this where we are looking at building a web based editor to build prototypes rapidly. Once we have something to show will put it up to get feedback.

Legends, thank you for this <3

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