File uploader (fw-file-uploader) - Fix needed

Hi, there. Just wanted to let you know that official examples in the documentation regarding File uploader (fw-file-uploader) events are outdated.

I got stuck longer that I would like to admit, only because the documentation uses events in the HTML code that don’t include ‘fw’ at the beginning, as you can see in the images below.


As much as it was dumb from me not noticing this, I really think this should be corrected since it can create these kind of confusions.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for this valuable feedback @asilvaPasteursoft

@Shravan_K Can we check this out in the docs

@aditya_ayare on @Developer-Platform has contributed by raising Pull Request to fix this problem - docs: event name string change in file-uploader component by aditya-ayare · Pull Request #694 · freshworks/crayons · GitHub

It has been merged, and you should see this fixed. Cheers! :champagne:

cc: @asilvaPasteursoft

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