Filter Asset Type in API (Without the need to parse the display_id)

We are wanting to publish ASSET information to a BI Dashboard.
Each night I am pulling a FULL asset list via API.
Then I am wanting to get the ASSET TYPE information for each asset where either the ASSET or the ASSET TYPE data has changed.

I can see that change date of the ASSET, however, there are times where that ASSET TYPE changes, but the parent record (ASSET) is not updated.
I therefore want to filter the ASSET TYPE where either

  1. ASSET_TYPE.updated_at is greater than ASSET.Updated.
  2. ASSET_TYPE.update_at is later than DATEDIFF(Days, -5, GetDate())

Currently, it seems that I can only get ASSET_TYPE data if I parse the ASSET.display_id using


So, to get the changed records I need to query each ASSET / ASSET_TYPE to check if the data has changed or not.

It would be far more efficient if I could simply
FIRST list all ASSET_TYPE records where the ASSET_TYPE.updated_at is within a date range, and
THEN only query those records that have been updated.

So something like

/api/v2/assets/type_fields?filter=update_at>='dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss' 

Is this available yet?

Hello @MissingLinq filtering assets is a feature that is lacking from an API perspective in my opinion. On top of the headache you are facing, ultimately you are still going to be limited to only getting a total of 1200 assets (30 assets a page by 40 pages max). For larger organizations this is just not a feasible solution. I recommend, for the time being while they work on enhancing the API, is to design a piece of middleware that can handle dumping your asset data from freshservice, and then query that database instead.