Filtered search with comma in search string

I am trying trying to use filtered search API to locate a sales account by name. The name has a comma in it. e.g. “My Company, Inc.” The comma is causing the search to not return the company.

POST /filtered_search/sales_account
    "filter_rule": [
            "attribute": "name",
            "operator": "is_in",
            "value": "My Company, Inc"

If I remove the company from the name in the CRM, the search finds the company. If I add it back into the sales account name, filtered search no longer finds it.

I tried a few ways to escape the comma with no luck. Is there any way I can locate a company that includes comma in the name.

Or is there an alternative to find a company by exact name (I’d rather not have to loop thru a list of returned items).

Hey @stevemc,
I’ve shared this query with the concerned team and they will get back to you soon.