FilterTickets API Queries

Hi Team,
Can you please help with the following points.

  1. filter tickets based on custom-dropdown field. It always returns zero results no matter what.

Request Url:“cf_township: ‘Tilin Township’”
“results”: ,
“total”: 0
2. For custom_text field, filterTickets API does value based search. How do we make sure that value based search will always return the desired results as multiple fields might have same values.
Can you show with an example.

Hi @jibranWipro123,

For 1, The URL of the API should be like and it must be https protocol. How are you using this URL for the API?

The filter ticket API would be possible only with Ticket fields. Custom fields are not possible for dropdown fields. More details and workaround is available here.

For 2, there’s no way to do a field-based search and it does value-based search globally. The right field can be narrowed down if used with any prefix on values or the search query can be the precise value of the actual field.
I will add in this thread if I could find any workaround or from the community.

Hi @Raviraj ,
We are using API Gateway to connect to FD that’s why you see that URL.
Please ignore that URL as API Gateway is calling the FD URL which is“cf_township: ‘Tilin Township’”

  1. If filterTickets doesn’t support search based on custom dropdown field then how do we search on custom dropdown field. Can you please explain the workaround for this.

  2. If only the value based search is supported then how do we make sure the value based search will always return the desired results. Please provide any workaround to ensure this.

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@jibranWipro123 I understood about the URL change now, thanks.

  1. It is not covered in the documentation for dropdown fields. It is possible to get the values with this syntax for dropdown fields as well, I got to know.
    Please write an email to Freshdesk support on to check the account configuration in the backend and check the API logs on why it results in empty if there are some matching records that exist for the given search query.

  2. There’s no possible workaround for that. It always returns the results based on the global values search.
    The list all tickets API have to used to fetch all the tickets to manually find the desired field as it is the only possible way.

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