Find Asset by Unique ID


I’m trying to create an automation to generate a document of asset assignment: the user places a request for let’s say a Laptop filling first and last name and later an Agent selects a free asset to assign.

I’m using a dropdown with a datasource, when I look for an asset I get a preview of the asset details.
But when I use the api “https://{{freshserviceDomain}}/api/v2/tickets/[ticket_id]/requested_items”
I get this
The unique ID of the asset. As far as I know, there’s no API that gives me an asset by it’s unique ID, only by it’s display_id. Also the id isn’t a valid field for filters or search.
Is there a way to use this unique ID?

Hello @Michele, welcome to the very struggle many of us are witnessing. Here is an ideas post that speaks to this issue. Fix custom field usage for Assets in FreshService - display_id is not available - Ideas - Freshworks Developer Community

There are a few other posts on this forum where this issue is brought up with no solution currently.

My suggestions in other posts have been to create middleware to work around these limitations. Dump your asset data into a database you manage and have your applications interact with that database. A lot of overhead, I completely understand.

Sorry I can’t be of more help here. But I feel your pain!

Hello @Zach , you’re still helping me, because I can start thinking about another way to do what I need to do
Thank you for your reply!