Fix custom field usage for Assets in FreshService - display_id is not available

Hi. I was motivated from the freshworks community to post my issue here as I might find some devs willing to change this.
So I will basically copy paste my freshservice Idea from over there to here:

Currently if you create a custom field in a service request or ticket form which lets the requester chose an asset, you basically can’t do ANYTHING with this field after this, because:

  • Workflow Automator Action node does not incude “Associate an asset”
  • Workflow WebRequest node does not include Asset ID, only Display_ID (which we don’t have from the custom field)
  • Asset API only accepts the assets Display_ID but custom field gives out the ID
  • Asset API search does NOT accept ID
  • Asset API filter does NOT accept ID
  • Workflow Automator Reader node for Assets does NOT accept ID

Please fix this as soon as possible. We are stuck with all the workflows.

Link Discussion:

Link Ideas: Fix custom field useage for Assets in FreshService - display_id is not available | Freshworks Community

regards, Matthias

I can only agree to @Matthias’ feedback. It is just unbelievable how convoluted it is to go from Asset Item ID to a representable item in UI. Be it in the form of a note, a Fresh app, or what have you.

Lookups of Assets via ID. Make it happen please.

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It’s now 1 year later. Has this been remediated?

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I have asked @Saif to reopen this topic/idea. I know many of us are still struggling to interact with Assets via the Freshservice API.

I am hoping we can all start discussing this and get these issues in front of the product teams.

I’ll start with a limitation of the Search and Filter functionality on Assets. Currently it limits the results to 30 per page and a max of 40 pages returned. Thats only 1200 assets, and for a large percentage of larger organizations that is a small sample of what is actually in the CMDB. If the endpoint to get assets is exposed then why limit the results?

Look forward to hearing how others are handling these limitations and seeing if we can gain any leverage to get them resolved.

Thank you,

@Saif, the community is really struggling with some of these limitations. Where are we with the product teams to get the API functionality around Assets that we desperately need?

Yes, it would be very handy to have this API. I would like to get all the info in the dropdown.


The only thing that I get is the unique ID of the Asset and I can’t do anything with that.