Fix custom field usage for Assets in FreshService - display_id is not available

Hi. I was motivated from the freshworks community to post my issue here as I might find some devs willing to change this.
So I will basically copy paste my freshservice Idea from over there to here:

Currently if you create a custom field in a service request or ticket form which lets the requester chose an asset, you basically can’t do ANYTHING with this field after this, because:

  • Workflow Automator Action node does not incude “Associate an asset”
  • Workflow WebRequest node does not include Asset ID, only Display_ID (which we don’t have from the custom field)
  • Asset API only accepts the assets Display_ID but custom field gives out the ID
  • Asset API search does NOT accept ID
  • Asset API filter does NOT accept ID
  • Workflow Automator Reader node for Assets does NOT accept ID

Please fix this as soon as possible. We are stuck with all the workflows.

Link Discussion:

Link Ideas: Fix custom field useage for Assets in FreshService - display_id is not available | Freshworks Community

regards, Matthias

I can only agree to @Matthias’ feedback. It is just unbelievable how convoluted it is to go from Asset Item ID to a representable item in UI. Be it in the form of a note, a Fresh app, or what have you.

Lookups of Assets via ID. Make it happen please.

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It’s now 1 year later. Has this been remediated?

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