Finding Project ID for use in Project Tasks NewGen APIs


I am trying to use the Project Tasks NewGen APIs but I am getting a 404 “Invalid Project ID 1000254407. Project not found” error.

I successfully used the List All Projects API so I know my authentication is good. I received the following result from the List All Projects API (snipped to only include the project I listed):

            "id": 1000254407,
            "name": "Enterprise Systems Development",
            "key": "ESD",
            "description": "Agile board tracking Enterprise Systems Development, Quality Assurance, and Architecture Groups",
            "status_id": 2,
            "priority_id": 2,
            "sprint_duration": 14,
            "project_type": 0,
            "start_date": "2022-11-08",
            "end_date": "2032-11-29",
            "archived": false,
            "visibility": 1,
            "manager_id": 16001448210,
            "created_at": "2022-11-08T17:27:48.000Z",
            "updated_at": "2023-04-22T00:21:41.000Z",
            "custom_fields": {
                "percent_complete": null

I made a call using these values in this endpoint, but I get the 404 listed at the beginning of this post: https://[domain]

Is “1000124251” the correct ID? If not, what should I be using for Project ID in the URL?

Hi @plasticfantastic

I happened to refer to the documentation, and ideally what you grabbed as ID should be the right project. If it’s not deleted or alterned, the API should ideally give you information about the project.

I put you in touch with the Freshservice product team to allow this conversation flow further.

Let us know what you learn!

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Thanks, Saif. I will wait to hear back from them and update this thread when we identify the fix.

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