First Custom App is not displaying in ticket sidebar


I am unable to implement a custom app. Reached out to “support” and they sent me to this website, which deletes posts after 90 days. Yay. The app I am attempting to upload is the template app that is created with the fdk create command. Here are the steps I am following, which come directly from the FD documentation:

  • Use fdk create to make a new app
  • Choose “freshdesk” and then “your_first_app” when prompted.
  • Run fdk validate and then fdk pack on the same directory
  • Navigate to developer portal, click “New App”, then “Custom App”
  • Choose the zip file created by the fdk pack option.
  • Fill in required information, then save and publish
  • Publish is successful. No warning or errors. Wait several minutes, app never shows up on a ticket.

Am I missing a crucial step? Been working on this for way too long. Any help is appreciated.

You also need to install it after uploading it as a custom app.

Within your Freshdesk account you need to go to Admin → Apps → Custom App → Manage Apps → Custom apps

For debugging, I recommend using fdk run. Access your account and append the specified parameter to the URL on the page where your app is situated.

For instance: if the app is on the sidebar of a ticket detail page.

This is the answer!

Thank you very much. I may have missed that in their documentation, or else it is missing. I knew it must be something simple I was skipping. I even have a ticket open with support. We had several meetings and nobody asked to check this.

Thanks again, you are a lifesaver.

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