formatDate JS function not working in Bot

We are trying to format an ISO date returned as part of API call in bot dialog using the formatDate JS function however its not working and returning ${{#formatDate('2021-09-13T20:17:03+0400','yyyy-MM-dd\THH:mm:ssZ','yyyy-MM-dd')}} something like this.

We noticed if the date does not have T in the string then it works fine.

Hi Sachin. I have the same problem. Im using this function ${{#formatDate(‘2022-12-12T19:00:02-05:00’,‘yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss-hh:mm’,‘dd-MM-yyyy’)}}
I have also tried
But it does not work. Did you find a solution? Please let me know

Yes this is a issue in formatting date but having one more option for formatting date is custom function by using javascript code and you can format date as per requirement