Fresh Sale UI is Slow & Support Is WHERE?

I am wondering why is the FreshSale UI so laggy and slow on a 1gig up/down connection?

Also where the heck is support for this product you have 123123 hour wait time, tickets that never get answered, and chat support that is only around to sell you something that they do not understand!

However, your allowed to talk to an Ai dog? lol, is it just me or is this company only care about bringing people in the door dot dot dot dot ?

For example, you ask Freddy how to format a phone number in FreshSales and it gives you this long break down that is 100% wrong! Than you tell Freddy you cant find format a phone number. It than says oops you cant do this with Fresh Sales! lol, does anyone besides a digital dog work for this company?

Hey @Help_Meow.LOL,

I’ve moved this query to Freshsales support to help you better with a resolution.