Freshbots Trigger API Timeout

Dear Team,

Hope you’re doing well, I’m facing trouble while working on the Freshbot, my company is using Freshbot as a middleware between the Clients (using WhatsApp) and our backend (Firebase).

When sending a regular post request using PostMAN or any other HTTP client I can receive a valid response (takes up to 18~25secs) but when using the API Library on Freshbot I get an Undefined Error.

I believe that this could be a Timeout Issue, please correct me if I’m wrong and help me by providing a solution if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @NourAlhadi,

First of all, welcome to our community! :tada:

Unfortunately, we do not have experts to support on Freshbots platform on this forum yet.

While you’re waiting for a solution here, could you also please contact the support at for your query to be resolved by the Freshbots team soon?

Thanks for your understanding!