Freshcaller API call status

Hey guys.

In Freshcaller API, we have the The Call Participant Object where there’s the attribute “status”. Since the call can have multiple participants, where should I look for the current call status?

In this example, I have two participants, with two different status:

	"id": 131489691,
	"direction": "outgoing",
	"parent_call_id": null,
	"root_call_id": null,
	"phone_number_id": 49373,
	"phone_number": "+551142001124",
	"assigned_agent_id": 578795,
	"assigned_agent_name": "João Gabriel Veronese",
	"assigned_team_id": null,
	"assigned_team_name": null,
	"assigned_call_queue_id": null,
	"assigned_call_queue_name": null,
	"assigned_ivr_id": null,
	"assigned_ivr_name": null,
	"bill_duration": 8.0,
	"bill_duration_unit": "seconds",
	"created_time": "2022-04-14T10:15:12.323-03:00",
	"updated_time": "2022-04-14T10:15:56.176-03:00",
	"call_notes": null,
	"recording": null,
	"recording_to_redact": null,
	"integrated_resources": [],
	"participants": [
			"id": 131489617,
			"call_id": 131489691,
			"caller_id": 33460041,
			"caller_number": "+5581986596989",
			"caller_name": "+5581986596989",
			"participant_id": 37931648,
			"participant_type": "Customer",
			"connection_type": 0,
			"call_status": 3,
			"duration": 0,
			"duration_unit": "seconds",
			"cost": 0.0,
			"cost_unit": "usd",
			"enqueued_time": null,
			"created_time": "2022-04-14T10:15:12.480-03:00",
			"updated_time": "2022-04-14T10:15:56.235-03:00"
			"id": 166175541,
			"call_id": 131489691,
			"caller_id": null,
			"caller_number": null,
			"caller_name": null,
			"participant_id": 578795,
			"participant_type": "Agent",
			"connection_type": 1,
			"call_status": 1,
			"duration": 8,
			"duration_unit": "seconds",
			"cost": null,
			"cost_unit": "usd",
			"enqueued_time": null,
			"created_time": "2022-04-14T10:15:12.537-03:00",
			"updated_time": "2022-04-14T10:15:20.883-03:00"

Since status are:
1 : Answered/Completed
3 : The call fell under the category of a missed call.

What happened in this call? It was a missed call or it was answered?

Another question: how can I know if the call was “Short Abandoned”? Where “Short Abandon” definition is: How to enable short abandon threshold for a phone number in Freshdesk Contact Center : Freshdesk Contact Center

@Saif @Raviraj could you ask the team about this, please?

Hi @samuelpares,

I have enquired with the Freshdesk Contact Center (Freshcaller) product team.

There’s no single call status as such. The call happens like a 3-legged connection and each participant joins the call at a different time and will result in different status.

So, as per the status types mentioned in the API documentation, 1 means the participant completed the call, 4 means the connection failed for the participant, 9 means the participant found that the call was blocked, and so on.
You would have to show the relevant call status of the participant to them if required.

For the call in this example, the agent has placed a call (indicated by the greater call duration), and the call was a missed call. From the agent side the call is complete (hence the status is 1. Both answered and completed call statuses are 1). From the customer side, it is a missed call (duration 0 seconds and status is 3).

For the short abandoned call, the call_status for such calls will be 17. If it goes above the short abandon duration set, and if the call isn’t answered, it will fall under the category of missed call (call_status is 3).


Hi @Raviraj!

I understand. I’ll pass this along for the customer.
Thank you very much!


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