Freshcaller contact creation

Hi all,


Are there any public APIs in Freshcaller to update contacts?

Thanks in advance!!!

I am not aware that Freshcaller has any contacts module in it, whether in the REST API or in the serverless events. Can you explain your use case so that we can see what might work for you?

Hi @kaustavdm,

Thanks for your quick reply.

We have a contact module in Freshcaller, but I couldn’t find any API for creating/updating it.

The use-case is when we receive a call in Freshcaller we have to check a third-party system with the customer’s number for their existence in the system and create or update the contact in Freshcaller accordingly.

Thank you.

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Thanks, @Bene_Immanuel. There are no publicly available APIs for interacting with Contacts in Freshcaller, as you have seen already.

Can you let me know if this account is part of a bundle where Freshcaller exists along with other products, like Freshdesk? If so, it might mean that the contacts are stored in the other product in the bundle, and you would then need to interact with that product’s REST APIs.

As an Omnichannel user, I’ve been waiting for Freshcaller contact API for months if not years as the contact synchronization is not there out of the box which is awkward.