From the documentation for freshcaller (and other fresh products) this is noted when it comes to server execution.

Notes :

  • The serverless apps are run in the sandbox mode. Therefore, usage of methods such as process, buffer, clearImmediate, clearInterval, clearTimeout, setImmediate, setInterval, and setTimeout in the app logic is not supported.

  • The app execution timeout is 20 seconds.

Hence 20 seconds for app execution it is.

Is there anyway to extend this? Do have a customer that whishes customer to auth themsleves, and giving them a bit more time to do so

Scheduled events as you have rightly stated have a timeout of 20 seconds and APIs should be used within this execution time of the function. This, unfortunately, cannot be extended, as you can understand, for security reasons.

However, this can be a workaround - When the customer hits login, you have data storage that saves the info and when they are in the process of auth, you can use a callback for external events, and trigger a serverless event that takes in the login info from the data store.

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