Freshchat 401 Unauthorized error

I have an app that works fine in Dev and when installed as a custom App in Freshchat but during marketplace testing API calls return 401 Unauthorized errors.

HI @RobAtOpinyin

Please log the URL and check if it’s valid. Also, check if you have whitelisted the proper domains in the manifest.


Hi @Mughela_Chandresh

This is my whitelist in the manifest.

 "whitelisted-domains": [

The url called is


Authorization is done as follows

	let options = {
			headers: { 
				'Authorization': `Bearer ${fcApiKey}`,
				"Content-Type": "application/json"  
			maxAttempts: 5,

Both of these work fine in the dev environment and as a custom app but the marketplace testing team keep getting a 401 unauthorized error when they try to make the first call to the Freshchat API. They are using a 21 day trial system to do this that was created via Freshdesk. Are there any limitations on API access in Freshchat?

Is it possible to DM the app zip file so that I will try to reproduce the issue from my end and get back? Please remove any sensitive information from the app before sharing.


Hi @Mughela_Chandresh

I just wondered if you had chance to look at the app?

Yes. As I had earlier mentioned the domain is freshchat in the app code but now the domain is different. That might be the reason for the issue. I have routed this question. Will get back once I get some information on this.

Sorry for your inconvenience. Appreciate your patience on this.


Hi @Mughela_Chandresh

I have made some progress with using but the app then says that this domain is not whitelisted, but I have * in my whitelist.

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