Freshchat API "classic" report


From a Freshchat support article I discovered that there’s “classic” report although It’s not mentioned in Freshchat API documentation.

Anyways, I tried it out and:

  1. creating “classic” report through POST /v2/reports/raw was successful
  2. retrieving report CSV file through GET /reports/raw/{reportID} was also successful, but it was empty… And at the same time “Chat-Transcript” report for the same timeframe is not empty.

My question: is “classic” report something that Freshchat API supports and can I use it?

All the best

Usually, an undocumented API is not reliable. If the application you build is not super business-heavy, maybe using undocumented APIs is much less risky.

However, I put you in touch with the Freshchat team to help you further. Let us know what you learn.


I’m unable to see this support ticket with my account :face_with_diagonal_mouth: