Freshchat API conversation messages


Regarding to the answer you gave me in this topic (to use GET /conversations/{conversationId}/messages endpoint for retrieving conversation messages) I have a follow up question.

Are there any restrictions with this endpoint? Is it enabled for all plans and regions?

The problem is that one of my clients gets 401 unauthorized while calling it. On the other hand, he can successfully call and retrieve data from GET /channels, GET /agents and GET /conversations/{conversationId}. What might be the cause?

As this matter is urgent, I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible :pray:

All the best

Hi @Raido_Roben

This might be the issue with API key you are using. May be your API key would not have access to that particular API.
I will suggest you to try with other super user API key. This might be resolve your issue.


So in terms of access rights GET /conversations/{conversationId} and GET /conversations/{conversationId}/messages aren’t equal? :open_mouth:
If yes, can you please explain the logic behind it? For me it doesn’t make sense…

Furthermore, where can my client (who’s a paying Freshchat customer) get the right API keys for those endpoints?

All the best

There’s a library that you could import to get most of the Freshchat Conversation Transcript stuff done.

Nope, it’s not helpful, I have a Java API that I use for getting data from Freshchat.

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