Freshchat API send outbound message failure_code: 3001, failure_reason: 1006: unknown contact


I am trying to use the outbound api to send an whatsapp message and the request is successfully sent. I receive the response: “Request created successfully. Check delivery status using status API”.
But the message is not delivered. When I check the details using the “outbound-messages?request_id=…” request, I get:

  • “status”: “FAILED”,
  • “failure_code”: “3001”,
  • “failure_reason”: “1006: unknown contact”

What is the reason of this failure? I couldn’t find anything related to this failure in the documentation.


Hi @Nao_Technologies ,

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Apologies for the delayed response as I was OOO.

The Freshchat API document is being updated and the latest updated documents shall be available soon under the documentation portal. Meanwhile checking with internal teams regarding the query posted. I shall update you soon.


This error mostly happens when the phone number is invalid
please check if the phone number is valid and if it ihas whatsapp account.