Freshchat conversations and channels API

Hey, @Saif!

Since there are some bugs opened to the Freshchat team, I would like to point out two more things, that I don’t know if we can classify as a bug, but definitely it’s something to look at:

It’s not returning the channels for WhatsApp! The only way to get the channel ID for WhatsApp is looking first for some conversation that you know for sure that is from WhatsApp, then call the /v2/conversations/:id. The payload returned contains the channel id.

It’s not returning the User ID! How can this info so basic not being returned? Look the exemple:

    "conversation_id": "cf5d19a5-2024-4897-aec2-c656c3d23f49",
    "app_id": "62a4de2d-d6b7-40fe-82rt-21e0g6a93e89",
    "status": "assigned",
    "channel_id": "a782981b-a49d-48c3-b25e-c4e1bba74895",
    "assigned_agent_id": "eacdfbaf-b633-43a7-b92b-1e160bf6e441"

So if there’s no other way to get via API the info about the channel ID for WhatsApp and the User ID for the conversation, I guess this is something that should be taken to the Freshchat Team.


This is an older bug which I guess @samuelpares you have reported earlier too. I would like to get an update on this too.


@yusrakhatri and @samuelpares,

While I am yet to reproduce this issues in specific, I should admit there are ~4 bug reports in total. I will try to bring thing this to :freshchat: attention as well. Please expect more delay w.r.t updates with Freshchat. Hope you understand :slight_smile: