FreshChat events delayed?

Hello there,

I am sending custom user events via fcWidget.track(). I see the events being sent to the server’s /multi path, and I’m getting a 200 back and a response body suggesting the event has been processed, but it takes several hours for them to appear in the Team Inbox.

Is this delay expected behavior?



We’ve observed a delay of around 30 minutes in Freshchat, Apologies for the inconvenience, the issue should have been resolved now, could you please check and let us know if the issue still persists?

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Hi Velmurugan,

It still appears to be a problem. I sent some events for brand new chat session awhile back, and they have yet to appear in the Team Inbox. I don’t see page visits for that session yet either.

How long do events usually take to appear? Instant, or a few minutes?

Are there any sort of pre-conditions required to track events for a user? Can they be anonymous?

fcWidget.track() sends custom events only after the User has been created.
The user gets created when she sends the first message.
Any events created before the creation of the user will be bunched up and sent at the time of user creation.
And it generally takes upto 5 minutes for the events to appear in the timeline in Team Inbox.

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Great. Thank you Arun.