Freshchat user data methods

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I am here to give feedback according to the issue I am still facing issue in Freshchat. In chat, calling user event they return first-time users details, and whenever I switch the conversation event does not trigger , it works on page refresh it may be a user interface problem.

Any reason why? And is there an alternative way?

Your urgent consideration of this issue will be highly appreciated.

Freshchat data method documentation

video also attached link

Hi @mirza_has,

Please confirm if my understanding of this is accurate.

As a developer you want to get the"user") to return the value of current user in the product which agent is currently speaking to.

  1. For example, if agent is speaking to customer B then"user") should return the details of customer B.
  2. But currently, this only happens if Agent refreshes the entire Freshchat product page. But not when app is activated.

Did I understand this correctly?

Hi @Saif

Thanks for response.

  1. Yes exactly. I can’t get the other Agent’s user details only return the details of customer B.
  2. It only works on Agent refreshes the product page.