Freshchat with instagram authentication issue


We have created an integration of freshchat with instagram and for that, we have made a developer application on Facebook. Our FC app is configured with OAuth 2.0.

The Issue is when we install the app on Freshchat, the pop up which opens up to authenticate Facebook shows blocker as shown in the screenshot

The developer app is working fine as if we paste that same URL from the popup on a new tab on our browser, it works fine so this looks like an issue within freshchat app.

Facebook has been rejecting our developer app due to this issue and because of that, we are unable to submit our app causing us a blocker here.
Can you please identify and let us know the resolution ASAP.

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Good Day!
Correct me if I am wrong,
you are authenticating the Facebook by the app itself or are you using this oauth feature


Yeah you are correct we are using oAuth Feature

Hi @Saif @yusrakhatri ,

Any solutions?

Hi @Furqan_Mehboob

We have faced a similar issue while integrating one of the Freshworks products with Facebook Workplace. Pop-up alone fails, if we use the same link in the new Tab, it works fine. But this issue we faced in Chrome only and works fine at other browsers like Firefox/Edge.

Did you get a chance to verify this issue in any other browser?

Hi @ajithr ,

Yes, it is working on other browsers except for chrome. :confused:

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